Monday, February 10, 2020

The Worlds Thirst Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Worlds Thirst - Essay Example Doing this entails the use of different means, namely, the ethos, logos, and pathos. However, new products have no established credibility, thus they cannot rely on ethos unless they would convince a well-known personality such as Pres. Barack Obama or Sec. Hillary Clinton to endorse the new product. Therefore, they would attract the attention of the consumers, making use of either logos or pathos or both. Noting the serious problem of death in Africa, â€Å"Lmn† captivates the audience by appealing first to their logos. The setting of the advertisement is a perfect choice. It denotes the remarkable dearth of potable water all over the world, especially in Africa. In the opening scene, the sight of two African men under the blazing safari sun instantly suggests what the commercial is all about, the answer to the need for water or drink. Anyone who would see the advertisement will surely be reminded of the problem that haunts not only Africa but even other parts of the world. The lack of water as shown in the scenes challenges the audience to think of an alternative way to quench thirst but the setting itself limits the choice and leads them back to the setting. The last part of the segment where the Lmn drink appears connotes that one can find Lmn even in the most difficult place such as Africa. That part also suggests the global presence of the manufacturer. The use of logos is also effective in relaying the message that one does not have to do much effort in finding a drink. The technique used was quite ordinary, thus making the point clear. First, it gives propositions then leads to a sound conclusion at the end. In the first part of each commercial segment, the two characters look terribly thirsty. Then, they would attempt to look for a drink and find a way but still fail at the end despite serious troubles.  

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