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Double Standards And Relying Too Much On Technology

Double standards and relying too much on technology Bernard Beckett’s novel Genesis explains how a plan for a better society resulted in the elimination of a whole civilization and can transform a utopia to a dystopia. One major reason the utopian society failed is the Artificial Intelligence Program, which was a result in the Last War, which intended to make things easier, but actually made things very devastating. The Artificial Intelligence Program maintained some robots with a virus, which lead to the real last war called the Great was. The Great War was a battle between the robots, and the entire human civilization which ended up being the end of the human population. One major flaw with Genesis’s plan for a utopian society is how it is greatly expressed in the novel that technology is a great danger and will be the reason for the elimination of the human population, but yet the program stills continues because people can’t disconnect themselves from technol ogy and this is the reason why the androids overthrew the humans. Another example is how the androids killed off the humans and it was a major rule that killing is forbidden. It is very clear that the rules have double standards, and this is a major reason why this utopia turned into a muddled dystopian society. Technology is very dangerous when it is over used and relied on more than one’s ability. When the Great War between the androids and the humans finally ended, the androids eliminated all the humanShow MoreRelatedOn the Development of Quantum Computers and Cryptography1383 Words   |  6 Pagesto emerge as the secrets of quantum computing quickly unravel. Companies that rely on Moore’s law, which asserts that computing power doubles every eighteen months, to justify using the theoretically weak cryptography scheme known as RSA will succumb to the risks posed by unforeseen developments in this branch of computer science. Such an occurrence resides not too far in the future, and when the stasis between the two opposing forces of cryptological and quantum development breaks, it will upendRead MoreThe Solution to the United States Energy Crisis849 Words   |  3 Pagesfossil fuels, to which we’ve turned a blind eye for far too long. The remainder of this paper will discuss (1) why the expansion of nuclear power is not as expensive as many believe and how it would stimulate local and global economies, (2) that nuclear power is emission-free and that plants do not leak radiation to the environment, (3) that the danger associated with nuclear technology is what drives the industry to its incredibly high safety standard, and finally (4) why nuclear facilities are not plausibleRead MoreThe Issue Of Hydraulic Fracturing1444 Words   |  6 Pagesindustry, where the health of future generations is set against our energy needs and economic growth, is the issue of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking as it is colloquially called. America’s new-found energy independence has been made possible using technology that was only a pipe dream a mere decade ago, slashing the disparity between net imports versus exports of crude oil and petroleum products, with exports skyrocketing more than 400% since 2006 and the advent of hydraulic fracturing (1). The greatRead MoreNuclear Power Argumentative1615 Words   |  7 Pagesenvironment, and to increase our economic standards. First of all, nuclear energy is efficient. For example, according to the Nuclear Energy Institute, â€Å"Nuclear energy is a reliable energy source, providing on-demand baseload electricity 24/7. The average nuclear energy facility is on line 90 percent of the time, generating on-demand electricity around the clock.† Compared to other sources like solar power, that can only run at 28.6% capacity, nuclear energy is much more efficient at providing energyRead MoreSocial Media Risks And Rewards2166 Words   |  9 Pagesconfidential information B. Communication platform for business a. Marketing Sales campaign b. Promote brands and products c. Semantic Advertisement d. Social media commercial usage C. Legal Policies, Regulations and their implications a. Advertisement standard rules regulations b. Obstacles in applying compulsory regulation D. Other risks, Challenges and threats E. Social media data and security a. Data travel over insecure networks b. Encryption and Decryption of data c. Social network architecturesRead More Backup Devices and Strategies Essay4481 Words   |  18 Pagesscheme, and a decent electric power protection. Together they don’t cost much, and they add up to data insurance. The simplest mechanism for ensuring sustained operations is to increase the ease of reproducibility. This is the reason that backups are done. Removable Storage Capacity Super-floppy drives use high-density magnetic media and an enhanced read/write head design to increase disk capacity. These drives do double duty. They read and write not only super-floppy disks, but also common 1Read MoreRenewable Energy Sources Comparing How Effective They Are At Producing2443 Words   |  10 Pagesrenewable energy sources comparing how effective they are at producing energy in the UK, taking climate and geographical location into account. I will also be discussing some environmental and political factors behind the need for renewable energy technology such as climate change and Kyoto protocol and focusing on two specific forms of energy production, solar panels and wind turbines also discussing the difference between direct and indirect energy collection. Energy use in the UK is at its highestRead MoreA Solution To Medicare Costs: Biogerontology. Since The1812 Words   |  8 Pageshave been researched by early civilizations. Due to the exponential growth of technology, scientists are making rapid progress in their experimentation and the cure for ageing draws closer. As a result, there has been a great hype of biogerontology in the past decade. In addition to the advancement of technology, there are also many other causes that lead to the discussion of extending life. While the progression of technology, the increasing understanding of cellular aging, the grief of dying, and otherRead MoreBusiness Communication4956 Words   |  20 Pagessuch as organizing ideas and information logically, express ideas and information, expressing ideas and information coherently and persuasively, actively listening, communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds, use of communication technologies effectively an d follow accepted grammar, spelling, and other high quality writing and speaking.While social media changes daily, we as senders and receivers are empowered through social media and must be able to move forward and embrace the changesRead MoreThe Coming of Intelligent Green Vehicles3954 Words   |  16 PagesToday, intelligent, green vehicles are driving the future of transportation. The looming energy and environmental MegaCrisis has carmakers scrambling to raise fuel economy and develop commercially viable vehicles that limit pollutants. Enabling technologies such as advanced IT systems, artificial intelligence, and speech recognition are giving rise to smart cars that drive themselves and to highway road trains or platoons. However, some skepticism remains for the latter, as the rapid installation

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